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Friday, September 16, 2011

First Post -- Yippee!!

Well hello everyone!  Since I have lived and worked in the computer field for over 20 years, I thought now might be a good time to jump into the on-line world.   Did  I mention that I recently left my job?  Aug 1 was my 1st day of independence.  Hubby says I cannot say I am retired because I do not get a retirement check.  He sincerely believes that I will get bored very soon and go back to work.  Makes me laugh out loud (or ROFL) every time he says it.  I am RETIRED and I have a sewing room full of enough UFO's (unfinished objects) to take me through June of 2012 at least.  I am sure by then, I will have many other UFO's to carry me into 2013.

I have also joined 2 quilting guilds, applied to take the Master Gardeners class in my area which requires that you do community volunteer time, and applied to volunteer at the grand kids school.  Now back when I was a kid, the world seemed to be a kinder more trusting place.  The village really did raise everyones kids.  Volunteering in school did not require background checks and training sessions.  You raised your hand and they put you to work.  Let's table that for another blog post.  I want to get back to sewing.

On Tuesday, Sept 13, 2011, I attended the maiden voyage (meeting) of the Modern Quilt Guild in Forsyth County, NC.  I was so excited to see a good mixture of experienced vs. newbie quilters, young women (translate to anyone 45 or under and several were WAY under 45) vs. those of us who have experienced over 45 years of living.  The energy of the younger ladies was inspiring.  The completed quilts and works in progress were amazing.  I left the meeting with the realization that I need to add more modern fabric designs to my stash.  Of course I began working on this immediately.

Listening to the younger ladies was inspiring.  They are juggling kids & hubby (some people count him as another kid), pursuing masters degrees, blogging, tweeting, flickring, church activities, volunteer activities, etc.  Somewhere, between all of this living, these amazing young women find the time to sew to their hearts content.  Many of them are very new quilters.  They are my newest heroes!  I look forward to getting to know everyone in the guild, to absorbing inspiration and energy from these ladies, and to just having a great time.

The president of the club is Angie from  Check out her blog and her links.  Pretty sure Angie's picture is beside "overachiever" on wikipedia.

Now ... how do I go about getting followers?  Hummm ... I have friends in my address book.  And I need to jazz up the design of the blog.  Now I have homework to do.

Happy sewing!!


  1. What a great post! You really brought a smile to my face, and I needed a pick-me-up this morning. Can't wait to see what retirement holds for you - I think you'll be anything but bored. :)

  2. You are such an inspiration to me. You are living the dream! You are so talented. I look forward to photos of your creations on your blog. Plus updates of all your projects!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! I'm in the TMQG with you!

  4. Hi Annette,
    welcome to blogging. I have joined the same guild but did not get to make it last month because of two accidents. Hopefully next month.
    Have fun blogging and enjoy your retirement.

  5. Congrats annette on your blog! Now post something else! Like the progress you make on your potholder!

  6. hi!
    i'm a fellow triad modern quilt guilder...
    welcome to blogging!! :)