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Monday, November 14, 2011

Google Chrome; New Followers ... well almost....; other ramblings

I get so excited when I look at my blog and see that I have new followers!!  I know ... it takes so little to make me happy.  Today I have 11.  I am in the double numbers now.  Then I noticed that I am following my own blog .... TWICE!!   Now that is pathetic.

I have had trouble lately viewing photos in other blogs.  I started using Google Chrome a few weeks ago after researching web display issues I was having with Windows 7.   I am officially ready to make Google Chrome my default browser.  IE is no longer my friend.

Haven't been sewing this week but I have continued to work on cleaning up my sewing room.  What a mess!  A lot of the fabric I have found has me asking myself ... WHY????  WHAT????

WHY - Why did I buy this?

WHAT -- What was I thinking?

It is actually depressing to think of all the money I have tied up in fabric that will end up being donated to goodwill.  I found a ray of hope today.  I bought 2 quilting books with more modern fabric and designs.  I can see potential ways to use some of my ugly, outdated fabric.  I also found some hidden little gems.

My baby sister had the nerve to ask if I had found her sons christening outfit during my cleaning.  I took the outfit after the ceremony with a promised to embroidery his initials and BD on the little outfit.  The kid turned 4 this year and started pre-school.  Yes I did find the outfit.  There's one more UFO to strike off my list!!

Can't leave without posting at least 1 picture.    This is a picture of part of my "cleaned up" fabric stash.

Yummy Christmas fabric.  I stumbled across this video on folding fabric to keep your stash neat from Angie at Cut To Pieces --  I've tried many different ways to organize fabric over the years.  This is the first one I've found that makes sense to me.  It is easy to do and lends itself to on-going maintenance.

Happy sewing...

1 comment:

  1. Well, embroidering initials will be a quick UFO to finish.
    I hope you didn't get rid of your fabric. Bring it to the modern guild to share.
    Great way to fold the fabric.