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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Entertaining Grandkids over Christmas Break

Only 4 more nights until the big guy arrives!

I have spent this week entertaining the Grand kids since they are out of school.  We have been gathering leaves, twigs, and anything that looks like it would create an interesting design.  The plan for Monday was to do fabric painting and imprints to create our own fabric.  Monday started cold, warmed up to about 52F by noon but the wind kicked up.  The rest of the week is suppose to be wet.  Not a good week for fabric painting since we need to be outside in the sunshine and stillness.  So we will put all those supplies aside until we get a good weather day coordinated with a day out of school.

At the TMQG dirty Santa Swap, Kim Johnson's homemade item was a ball made out of thumbtacks and Styrofoam.  I googled to get instructions.  Looks simple enough.  This became our Monday craft.  Got styrofoam balls & thumbtacks.  Dug out some Christmas ribbon from my stash and we sat down to make the balls.   The kids were excited - at first- and wanted to know how many balls each of us were going to make.

Chase just finished his first ball.  Can you see the excitement?

Emma is concentrating.  Halfway through the 1st ball, both kids were asking if we HAD to do more than 1 each.

The Internet directions say to take a small piece of ribbon and attach to ball using thumbtacks to make a hanger.  These balls get heavy.  A piece of ribbon attached at the top will not support the weight.  Clear packing tape to the rescue.  I covered each ball in clear packing tape.  You really can't tell up close that it is covered with tape.  Then I put saran wrap around to create an area that I could tie the ribbon to them.  I tried to make a bow out of several different Christmas ribbons then hung the balls at different levels.  I later remembered that I have netting but I'm not redoing it at this point.  The results are a perfect redneck Christmas decoration.

This took about 2 hours total.  So we pulled out the things I got to make a present for their mom, only to discover that the main item did not work.  So we went to town.  We will pick this up on Thursday.

Tuesday - Day 2 I let them watch Christmas movies while I made reversible aprons because you have to have an apron to make cookies on Thursday.  Both kids were very happy with the aprons and are ready to make cookies.

Wednesday - Papa is off today so he took the kids shopping with him and then out to lunch.  I'm sure that was an experience to remember for both kids.  It gave me time to upload photos and post to my blog.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will make their mom's present and then spend the rest of the day making cookies. Will post pictures of their Mom's present.

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  1. What a cool fun Grandma you are! I remember making homemade ornaments on my days off with my grandmother! Thanks for the memory!